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The Mission of the Friends of Bonham

The Friends of Bonham is an independent non-profit organization to support Bonham Academy, a downtown San Antonio public charter school at the intersection of the historic Lavaca and King William neighborhoods. Bonham Academy focuses on three pillars: dual language (Spanish/English), outdoor science and the fine arts.

The Friends of Bonham brings together partners such as businesses, community-based organizations, artists, scientists and others to support those educational areas. Friends of Bonham also knits the school more closely with the community it serves, with neighborhood events that take advantage of the rich cultural heritage of downtown San Antonio and tie the students to area businesses, artists and residents.

You Can Help

We Need YOU-- Please Fund a Bobcat

Our numbers are down from last year and we are asking you to please help make our campaign a success. Donate $45 (or whatever you can afford).

Donations to Fund a Bobcat go directly to:

  • provide weekly art lessons for K-5;
  • provide weekly dance lessons during PE for K-8;
  • support Drama and Music programs as needed;
  • sponsor occasional field trips and speakers (Carver, Magik, etc.)


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What every school really needs is friends. Much has been written about the challenges in our education system today, particularly in inner city schools. As San Antonio seeks to revive its urban core, to make it a place people want to live, there is a continued concern: “What about schools?”

Thanks to dedicated teachers, administration and staff, Southtown has an excellent, high performing K-8 Dual language school in the form of Bonham Academy, recently profiled on the PBS show, “One Square Mile.” Yet, it’s still an inner city school beset by cuts in education funding.

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Dedicated parents and organizations like Friends of Bonham have helped make Bonham Academy "an inner city public school with a waiting list of anxious parents who live outside the school’s geographic boundaries, but want their young child to start school here."

Thanks to all of you who support Friends of Bonham! We couldn't do it without you.

Please feel free to share: therivardreport.com/bonham-academy-a-parent-driven-success-story

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